Welcome to the The smart explorers WikiEdit

This wiki is about a hangout with friends talking, we aren't explorers, I just decided to call the Hangout like that.

Rules of the wikiEdit

1. Don't vandalize

2. Don't change the name of the Hangout (If you are in the Hangout)

3. Don't be cringy or autistic

4. No FNAF Fags (Except td x me which is woody, he is the only FNAF fan who is allowed here)

5. No immature underfags

6. No Gofags (Except for Travis The Animator and Canadian Scout, they are both good goanimators so they can join)


8. No kids under 10

9. No Furfags

10. Only moderators are allowed to kick someone out of the Hangout.

11. Don't ban someone for no reason (If you are a mod)

12. Be friendly and nice

13. Try to help us to make this Hangout famous, we would really appreciate it. (You do not have to do it, it's just a request)

14. Have fun!

Latest activityEdit

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